Magento 2 Migration Services

If you want to promote your eCommerce business and generate higher revenue, then Migrate to Magento. Choosing Magento 2 Migration services will be the most beneficial factor for your online business. It offers a unique experience for better scalability of your digital commerce and lets you create engaging shopping experiences.

Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 opens impressive growth opportunities, all thanks to the advanced technologies and talented developer community. Our team of talented Magento development professionals will understand the current structure of your online store and the data available and will deliver the best that they can so that your eCommerce business excels.

What is the Need for Magento 2 Migration

The perks that come with Magento 2 migration are endless, and these endless opportunities will help your eCommerce store create a better customer experience and get lots of benefits. Currently, the Magneto 2 platform is being used by more than 1.4 lakh websites. According to a new study, it is assessed that the eCommerce business will hit $4.9 trillion by 2021 and there are no signs of decline. If this value excites you then choosing Magneto 2 as your partner platform will be the right choice.
Have a look at the benefits you get for your eCommerce store if you Hire Magento 2 Developers as we focus on tailoring Magento solutions.

magento 2 migration service

Improved Mobile Shopping

The number of mobile users is exceeding the number of desktop users day by day. To be more precise 54% of visitors come from mobile devices, so it becomes essential for online businesses to improve their mobile shopping experience.
With Magneto 2 your webpage loading speed is increased by 50% and it has also improved the mobile checkout process which in turn helps the businesses to get more sales with the help of a smooth checkout process.


Higher Promotion and Progressive Targeting

A faster, smooth, and unique experience is what today's user demands. Personalization is something that is appreciated by every consumer. Magento 2 promises to have the function of advanced targeting using the customer’s order history, demographics, and wishlist information.
Customer retention is the best feature that you get with Magento 2 migration, it segments customers based on their likes and dislikes so that the right type of product is shown to them.


Multiple Admin Login

Multiple admin access is a major benefit of using Magento 2 enterprise, multiple access to the product data will distribute the workload and now anyone can monitor and change the details in the online business. The maintaining catalog becomes pretty simple with Magento 2.


SEO Plugin

As per 99 firms Stats, there are 12M - 24M eCommerce stores present around the globe. So now it must be clear that ranking on search engines requires a hell lot of effort. To help businesses with this and improve their sales Magento 2 comes with an advanced SEO suite. This plugin will offer rich snippets, web crawlers, optimized meta descriptions for better representation, and helps in eliminating fake content.
This plugin will be totally useful for your online store and will help you get a better search engine ranking.


Ajax Cart Extension

The Ajax cart extension feature available in Magneto 2 is embedded in order to provide users a better shopping experience. It allows visitors to directly add the product to the cart from the page itself without any reloads


Excellent UX(user experience)

The Magento 2 UI is designed keeping in mind the demand of non-technical users as well. The Dashboard has become more advanced, cool, and more simplified. The backend interface has also got an outstanding boost and with Magento 2 it will permit its users to manage their online business from a wide range of screens be it a laptop, desktop, tablets, or mobile devices.

Stats about Magento 2 Migration

50%50% faster page loading

38%38% faster checkout

49%49% growth in Revenue/ Sales

8K8K new quarterly

2.502.50 seconds faster checkouts

Process of Magento 2 Migration

Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is a very critical process, if not done properly it can spoil up the functionality of your online business.

Before migrating make sure you complete these things-

  • Remove the outdated and not in use content before migrating to Magento 2.
  • Make sure to make a full backup of all the files and database.
  • Review the compatibility of your current themes, codes, and extension, and check whether they are compatible with Magneto 2 or not.
  • Install Magento 2 on the same hosting server where Magneto 1 was located.

According to the official Magento Migration process, the whole course of action is divided into 4 stages

  • Theme  Migration

    You cannot directly migrate from Magento 1 theme to Magento 2. The owner needs to create a separate new theme or install a custom theme for a better customer experience.

  • Theme  Migration

    The extensions used with Magneto 1 won’t be compatible with Magento 2, check and install extensions on Magento 2 that might be helpful for your online store.

  • Customization  Migration

    In most of the cases, the custom code used by Magento 1 is also compatible with Magento 2. You just need to migrate the custom code safely with the help of Code Migration Toolkit.

  • Customization  Migration

    The very last step of the process, moving your data and settings from the Magento 1 store to Magento 2. In order to simplify this process, Magento has officially released a tool to help developers in data migration.

Magento 2 migration process in brief

Customization  Migration
Customization  Migration

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    We keep our processes transparent so that you can track the progress of your project on-going. We assure you the Magento Migration starts from 2 to 3 months.

FAQ! Need Help?

ARelated to Magento 1, Magento 2 is significantly more mobile-friendly. The themes are responsive, and the checkout is optimized for mobile. Magento 2 also helps Progressive Web Apps (PWA) which can allow them to create a native mobile app-like experience for their site.
AMagento 2.4 is the latest version of Magento 2 released on July 28, '20. The latest Magento 2 version comes with 2FA security, purchase approval workflows, seller-assisted shopping, in-store pickup, a new media gallery, PWA development, headless commerce, and much more.
ATell you the exact cost, it is necessary for us to review your store and then define the extent of migration needed for your eCommerce store. We suggest you call us or book a free consultation and one of our Magento migration specialists will get back to you soon.
AAlways look for a professional solutions partner of Magento who has years of experience in build successful Magento websites. Case studies and Testimonials should be an added benefit to choosing the right Magento Agency for your requirements.
AAt Tecksky, get your website covered with the best hosting service provider and top-notch Magento specialists who will monitor your website during the migration process.