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just reminder android app
July 24, 2017Comments Closed

Just Reminders – Let’s Micromanage Your Life with This Smart App

Date:July 24, 2017

Given all the dates we have to remember and all the minuscule tasks we have to accomplish each day, it gets very hard and things start getting fall through the crack, And in this busy schedule, we often end up forgetting the small things that are important but being ignored.

So, why not give yourself a little bit relief and put your phone to work? The idea is great, but you might be wondering how. Am I right?

Well, let us introduce this Smart Mobile Application that can do all the remembering and remind stuff for you so that you don’t miss out some of the smallest but important things in your life. Let your phone micromanage your life so that you don’t have any remembering to do.

Just Reminders is an all-in-one Android Application which reminds you everything just at the right time – as specified by you. Now, you might be thinking that why you need this application as you already have standard calendar and reminder app on your phone. Well, let us tell you that these time-based applications mostly depend on the timed events such as meetings and appointments. They just don’t suffice properly with the small things that need a detailed focus.

You need something that’s smarter than a calendar to take care of little chores such as hygiene, and things that must be the good habits but apparently they are not. This is the reason why you need the absolute smartness just like “Just Reminders.”

The Just reminder is an all-in-one reminder app that’s very easy to use. It’s built to operate swiftly without creating any kind of complication in setting the reminders in the most wonderful way.

Let’s have a glance at some of the great features of Just Reminders Android App:

Comprehensive Reminder App

Just Reminders application comes with the privilege of setting To-Do lists, Birthday Reminders, Meeting Reminders, Medicine Reminders, Diet Reminders, and Bill Reminders just within few clicks.

Voice Handling

The application comes with the sheer pleasure of typing absolutely nothing to set the reminders and to-do lists. It has got voice handling feature with the help of which you can manage your app just by talking.

Set Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Reminder

Got few things that need to be done on reminded weekly, monthly, and yearly? Don’t worry. Just Reminders is the app built just for you. Here you can set repetitive reminder on the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. As simple as that.

Reminder Customization

Just Reminders allows you to customize each reminder in a different way. For example, you can set a different ringtone for each reminder so that you can identify them simply with the ringtones.

Customizable Date and Time Formats

Just Reminders App has customizable time and date formats. You can even set the different start day for your week. It works according to your own time zone. Isn’t it brilliant?

Attractive Themes

The whole interface of Just Reminders App is quite attractive as you have got a variety of themes to choose from. The design of the app is absolutely lovable.

Easy Navigation

The application has put the user experience first. That’s the reason why it comes with user-friendly navigation which makes it easy for users to work with the app quite easily.

We are living in the world full of distractions where the lights and tempting things can divert us from something that’s small but important. Therefore, managing your life with Just Reminder app can be really productive for our life.  So, make sure you never miss out these important little things that are not to be missed.

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